Level 1

SunDash Competition 232


The Sundash Competition Fast-Tanning Bed allows for a 10 minute session (2x the output as a 20 minute bed), giving you the opportunity to ‘tan and go’, whether it is during your lunch break or on your way home to cook dinner

  • Medium Pressure Tanning System
  • 120 Watt 10x lamps
  • 32 Lamp configuration
  • Maximum Exposure Time = 10 Minutes



The modern design of the sleek Sundash Competition 232 is the novice tanners dream. This SunDash bed performs its duties in a maximum of 15 minutes giving you a quick glorious tan.

  • Medium Pressure Tanning System
  • 120 Watt 7.5x lamps
  • 32 Lamp configuration
  • Maximum Exposure Time = 15 Minutes


Ergoline Soltron Kiss XS


The crescent tanning shell gently embraces your body with optimized UV geometry, making sure that every spot on your body receives an even tan. Its performance is strong enough to make anyone feel like royalty. The combination of durability and the Kiss’s powerful signature foot fan will blow you away!

  • Medium Pressure Tanning System
  • 120 Watt 5.0x lamps
  • 32 Soltron High-tech Lamp configuration
  • Maximum Exposure Time = 20 Minutes


Hearland SunDazzler


The Sundazzler is an industry leader in achieving the perfect tan. You will enjoy the powerful tanning session this bed provides. It also helps to tan the hard to reach places under your arms. Our Stand-Up unit will give you an incredible tan with its 46 body lamps. You will get tan all over!

  • Medium Pressure Tanning
  • 160 Watt VHR 9K90 lamps
  • 46 Lamp Configuration
  • Maximum Exposure Time = 11 Minutes


Level 2

SunDash Radius 252


Some busy clients will always prefer a stand-up tanning unit. The Sundash 252 Radius delivers a beautifully even, full-body tan in a 12-minute exposure schedule for tanners who are on the go.

  • High Output Tanning
  • 200 Watt 2mm lamps
  • 52 Genesis Turbo Power Lamp Configuration
  • Maximum Exposure Time = 12 Minutes


Super SunDash 240 Genesis


Our Super Sundash 240G is a favorite of active year-round tanners who expect the most out of each tanning visit. This bed has 40 lamps—with incredible 170 watt high output reflector lamps above you and 120 watt high output below you! The Super Sundash has a specially designed base that scoops up around you, ensuring an even, deep tan. If you really want to “power up” your tan, the Super Sundash is for you!

  • High Output Tanning
  • 170 Watt lamps on canopy/120 Watt lamps on bottom
  • 40 Genesis Turbo Power Lamp Configuration
  • Maximum Exposure Time = 20 Minutes


Level 3

Dr. Muller Elixir 40/3


This is the bed you have demanded; more tanning, more features. The Elixir’s frosted Acrylic exterior houses a superior tanning experience, delivered by a variety of lamps and reflector configurations. This unit features High powered VLR reflector lamps and 3 high pressure facial boosters emitting minimal UVB and maximum UVA providing a deeper, longer lasting tan. Reward yourself today and enjoy the Elixir!

  • SunBreeze-Air Conditioning
  • (40) 170 Watt Canopy & Bottom
  • 3 High Pressure adjustable facial tanners
  • Thermacool-Acrylic Cooling System
  • Maximum Exposure Time = 15 Minutes


Sunless Spray Tan

California Tan


No other spray on booth gives you the consistent look that California Tan guarantees. The innovation booth is touch-free and voice-guided to make your California Tan experience that much easier. In under a minute you will walk out of the booth with a perfectly natural-looking tan. We also provide the latest in sunless design, the California Tan combines the proven consistency you trust from Mystic Tan with true airbrush motion, providing incredibly smooth coverage and the best tanning results. This system allows you to select from a variety of individual tanning levels


Each level of tanning will provide the maximum level of MEDS per visit.


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